Holographic Performance / Installation

work inspired by transience of performing act
Relation between space and performer builds its rudiments in notion of habitation. Erasing physical existence of the performer anticipates the primal nature of live performing; where each movement/act behaves as temporary energy intervention. In the harmony with this foundation gradual disappearing of the performer symbolically represents volatility, where the space itself literally abide existence of physical body but shows dynamics and subsistence of intervention, dissolution and transformative process.
In this work sound tend to picture improvisational perceptive as well as transcendental essence while aiming to behave as constant in simulacrum of transience of life. Music performers meeting in hyper space represent relativity of space as a category and number of dimensions set in virtual time objectified only through intuitive interrelatedness, as we know founded only in energy value of the performed sound.

Author : Manja Ristić (artist)
Performers: Manja Ristić (violin), Simonida Rajčević (painter)
Composer: Mathieu Calleja
Costume design: Magdalena Klašnja (costume designer)
Live video editing: Filip Mikić
Live audio mix: Ivan Acović
DP: Milan Tvrdišić
Live performance supervisor: Dorijan Kolundžija
Holographic consoles: Galerija 12, Belgrade
Total duration of the performance: 17 min
A word about the composition process by Mathieu Calleja:
“The violin piece played live during the performance was recorded. This was the base to start my composition work.I was focused on factors such as the nature of primitive // temporary intervention // energy // home // image // illusion // body // Physics // dissolution // processing. My goal was to create a layered effect that refers the multiplicity of our world.”