Ine Claes – Voice

Mathieu Calleja – Percussion

Juan Parra Cancino – Electronics and spacialization 

The departing point is the sound of our dreams transformed into a sound installation.
We approach the dream as if it was a vehicle that creates images and symbols that
become our sound inspiration. The sound choices are in reference to the conscious/
unconscious relationship we have towards the atmosphere or emotion of a dream.

Dreams possess characteristic elements such as the sudden escaping of our control,
spontaneity, the existence of a nocturne atmosphere, functioning as an outlet for the
repressed impulses of the day. We closely search for sounds that fit in this spectrum
and use these elements to create a working field for constructing the music and

DIVE is a project with sound multidiffusion. The audience’s disposition is based on the idea of a network connecting each person by what they experience.

DIVE has performed at Museum M (Leuven) and the Musée des Sciences Naturelles (Brussels) with the public walking around the exhibition halls with headphones.

DIVE has also performed with the audience lying down.

We like to play the project in different contexts and we are looking at how this context changes the relationship, the balance of the sound and our interaction with the audience.

During the quarantine this year we created a live online streaming version. A sound & visual project with artworks by Myrthe van der Mark, Line Boogaerts, Sander Buyck, Kim Snauwaert, Karel Saelaert, Jeroen Van der Fraenen, Simon Verheylsonne, Larissa Viaene, Jeroen Smets and David Lesham.

And here a link to the radio show “Late Night Shift” on radio Klara, 12/09/2019

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